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Image by Hanna Postova

Activate your 

Dark Feminine & Sacred Rage

Who Are We

Who are you from the core of your being?

A woman? A human? A spirit? A Soul?


What do you like?

Who is the favourite version of you?

Do you tap into the delicacy of your being?

Or do you shy away a little?

Or simply are still figuring out?


Whoever you are,

whoever you want to embody,

there is but one truth underneath it all




you are a goddess.

You are Shakti.

You are the light that leads people home.

You are the darkness that holds space for light.

You are an unapologetic contradiction.



You are an enchantress,

a witch,

a guide,

a healer,

a mother,

a daughter,

a friend,

a wife

You are you.


And that is your superpower.

All these layers only make you beautiful.

All these layers protect you like petals of flower.

You are there right in the centre.

A delicate bud, and also



a force to be reckoned with.

This is a window into your own soul

Welcome to your awakening.

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