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Meet your most liberated self in just 12 weeks

Sweetheart,  ATMAN is for you because: 

  • You are feeling stagnant in your life and need to awaken the passion. 

  • You are ready to quiet the inner critic and choose a life full of freedom. 

  • You feel discomfort through change and want to step into loving kindness.

  • You feel that it is time to level up, to break generational patterns of toxicity and trauma.

  • You wish to heal all the pain you hold from past bitter experiences.

  • You are ready to reconnect with your inner child and create your abundance.

Learn to be a walking contradiction

Be strong and be soft.

Be deep and be lighthearted.

Be confident and be humble.

Enjoy the process of a steep climb and enjoy the process of sweet nothings.

Be calm yet feisty.

Be responsible and be free.

Be wild and be kind.

Be honest and be gentle.

Be accomodating and have boundaries.

Image by Smit Patel

When you sign up, you get,

11 Group Masterclasses
11 intimate QnA sessions
11 Reiki Sessions
77 Journalling Prompts
11 Subconscious programming journeys

This is the journey of becoming your own best friend, a revolution of YOU.

What's inside?

  • Mastery of Self

  • Redefining boundaries

  • Quantum Energetics

  • 7 core values of life

  • Trauma Shifting

  • Subconscious (Re)Programming

  • Energy Medicine

    and soooo much more


A little more :

Moreover, master boundaries,  patience, loneliness, forgiveness, acceptance, authenticity, self respect, gratitude, unlearning & becoming, quantum manifestation right off the bat.

What Past Students Are Saying

Atman has helped me a lot in gaining the missing pieces in my life. It helped me realise of so many aspects of my life that were not consciously taken responsibility of earlier. It held me accountable, responsible and made me own my life and various aspects of my life, from consistency of daily practices to relationships, that I didn't know before. There are so many areas of life that we ignore or don't pay attention to and thus miss taking responsibility of. Through daily journaling prompts I was able to gain clarity of what is that is missed and not taken liability of. And through that I was able to shift my life, take responsibility and become a better version of me. I was willing to do so. It not only helped me gain clarity, see the hidden areas of my life but through adopting consistency of daily rituals of Atman and taking my responsibility, I cleared my path for greater things in life and manifested more life changing events. I see Atman as a program that shifted my life forever.   - Divyanshi


Dear Bloomer

Are you feeling the knock on your door from within? Someone wants to be heard, to come out and play, to awaken and align. Are you hearing the voice to ascend? If so, this is the beginning of loving yourself. 

Welcome Home

This is an invitation to evoke your ferocity.

Let me guide you through every step of it.

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