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Meditations & Hypnosis

Guided Journeys for your healing.

Letting go of the past

Let go of the past and step into a brighter future with our guided meditation. This practice helps you release the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Letting the old story die

Let go of the old story and create space for new beginnings with our guided meditation. This practice helps you release the old patterns and narratives that no longer serve you.

Rewriting your past

This is your time to release any lingering emotions or regrets and create a new narrative that feels more aligned with your current self and values.

Taking your power back

As you let go of any feelings of victimhood and embrace a sense of personal agency and self-empowerment. You are then invited to reclaim your power from any situation, person, or circumstance.

Finding peace and patience

Discover inner peace and cultivate patience with our guided meditation. This practice helps you quiet your mind and find a sense of calm amidst life's challenges making you feel more centered and grounded.


This ancient Hawaiian practice helps you clear negative energy and restore harmony within yourself and with others, helping you forgive and move on.

Heart activation breathing

Awaken the power of your heart and find inner balance with our Heart Activation Breathing meditation. This practice helps you connect with your heart center and tap into the wisdom and intuition that reside there.

Finding gratitude

Unlock the transformative power of gratitude with our guided meditation. You'll leave feeling more uplifted, positive, and ready to attract more abundance into your life.

Money affirmations

Unlock your financial potential and reprogram your mind for abundance and prosperity with our guided meditation on money affirmations. Get ready to manifest your financial north star goals.

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