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It will get better, you tell yourself

Yet every curve that you take

every crevice you explore

reminds you of the cracks that lie deep within.

The demons are just waiting to be unleashed

but here you are

holding onto the pieces of you

with a deep knowing that it wouldn’t cut through.

There is this fierceness within you

that wants to come out and play

you’re scared but you’re excited.

You romance your darkness,

you watch the fireworks explode

into every drop of your blood

and your veins ripple through the wilderness.

You’re brought back to you.

To your pleasure, to your power, to your purpose.

You’re here and oh baby are you electric.

Such is your life. Such is your being.

dates : 1st Jan 2023 - 8th Jan 2023

A virtual retreat with :

1 closing ceremony

1 opening ceremony

7 days of audio journeys and messages from the universe

lifetime access + community space

Leaf Pattern Design

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