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The Biggest Lie About The Feminine

My dear feminine muse,

A few days ago on Instagram, I shared how I am doing a 90-day challenge for setting a whole new routine and 11 tasks/habits.

So many women reached out to me and told me how they felt stuck and frustrated in their lives and wanted to join in too, so I created a group. (You are also invited to join here)

Do you know what happened? The moment they set a goal, set alarms as reminders, and set aside some time to make it happen, they did it!

Some success messages from day 1.

Often times we think of structure, organization, and routine as something which is strict, won’t give us much freedom or will keep us trapped. That very belief is what traps us.

You might think of freedom as having wings and soaring in the sky, having gelato in Italy one day and then watching the northern lights, the next. Magnificent that thought is, isn’t it?

But if you really have to think about wings, do you realize they are truly created out of pure biology and physics? Structure.

What am I trying to say?
Having a routine, organizing your day, and setting tasks actually sets you free.

  • Maybe then you can tell your siblings you will be free at 7:00 pm to help them out and won’t consistently have your boundaries and personal space disturbed.

  • You can also set time aside to pamper yourself after a hard day of work. You accomplish your tasks and spoil the fuck out of yourself right after. Boy, do I love the sound of that!

Did you know?

Our brains have a limited capacity for making decisions and processing information. When we constantly need to make choices about trivial matters throughout the day, we experience what's known as decision fatigue. Introducing structure and routine reduces the number of decisions we need to make about mundane tasks.

Our brains strive for efficiency. When we repeat the same actions or follow the same routines, the neural pathways associated with those actions become stronger. This efficiency means that less cognitive effort is needed to perform these actions over time.

Structure and routine can provide a sense of stability and predictability.

All of this points to one thing - safety. Feeling safe in your body, in your mind, in your health. That’s what femininity is truly all about. Let yourself explore how much it actually helps to create structure and then be spoilt by the freedom you achieve out of it.

P.S. I have a whole masterclass on Awakening your Shakti - and it’s free! You can watch it here.

Did this little piece of wisdom help you find some clarity? Let me know by replying or sending a DM to me on Instagram.

Remember, you sculpt your reality.
Xo, Lenaisha

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