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Sculptors of Sweetness

Embark on a transformative journey to awaken your feminine power, heal from within, and unlock your true potential.

Within every woman lies an untapped reservoir of strength, wisdom, and creative energy. It's the essence of the feminine, the Shakti energy that connects us to the divine feminine principle.

But many of us have been conditioned to suppress this power, to hide our vulnerabilities, and to conform to societal expectations that limit our true expression.

However, my Divine Darling, I know you're here because you’re ready to:

  1. Embrace your inner goddess: 
    Recognize the divine spark within you, be willing and unafraid to sit in solitude, get to know your shadows, and unleash your limitless potential as a woman of power, grace, and boundless creativity while being in Sadhana of your everyday life.

  2. Unleash the Shakti within: 
    Activate the dormant feminine energy that lies within you by standing up for yourself, by keeping that promise you made to yourself, by actually taking action on your goals, and by tapping into a reservoir of strength, wisdom, and intuition.

    You understand that if it’s not you, then WHO?

  3. Become a miracle maker: 
    You’ve watched counted law of affirmations, law of assumptions videos, manifest from feminine energy yada yada and none of them have worked. Now, all you want to do is believe in your ability to shape your reality and manifest your deepest desires with unwavering faith and determination.

  4. Shatter limiting beliefs: 
    Every time you’re out with a group of people, you want to be free from the shackles of self-doubt, insecurities, and fear and just be yourself completely instead of having heaviness in your throat and countless stomach pains.

  5. Harness the power of intention: 
    There is one last thing, you understand that when you align your thoughts, words, and actions with your deepest desires, you’re creating a powerful force to transform your life and you’re ready to do just that.

In a nutshell, together, we will embark on a transformative journey to:

  1. Awaken your feminine power,

  2. Heal from within,

  3. Embrace your shadows,

  4. Deepen your connection to nature,

  5. Master your energy,

  6. Unleash your creative potential


Sculptors of Sweetness is a 6 Month membership where you get access to monthly hot seat coaching to expand your relationship with self and to step into your iconic next level.


This is for the woman who wants to unlock the next level in her self-development journey. She wants to delve beyond the superficial layers of personal growth that are seen on Instagram to uncover the profound depths of her mind, body, and soul and how to make them one.

During our time together, you will:

  1. Receive personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique needs and goals.

  2. Engage in powerful energy healing practices to clear blockages, release negative emotions, and elevate your vibrational frequency.

  3. Participate in transformative shadow work exercises to uncover hidden aspects of yourself and integrate your shadows.

  4. Learn mindfulness techniques to cultivate inner peace, enhance self-awareness, and connect with your intuition.

  5. Discover practical tools and strategies to integrate feminine embodiment principles into your daily life.

Are you ready to awaken your inner goddess and step into a life of empowerment, authenticity, and profound fulfilment?

You get access to:

  1. 2 Monthly Coaching Calls

  2. 1 Reiki Session + Monthly Intention setting

  3. Immediate access to Atman, Energy Mastery + so much more

  4. Access to the Revolutionary Membership for 6 Months

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